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  • Compact design allows installation within product drop area of injection molding machine. 
  • Stainless steel and aluminum plate construction.
  • Separator consists of spiral roller, gap adjusting plate, and adjusting lever.


  • The runner/product mixture enters the feed chute. The mixture is then transported along the spiral roller as it rotates. The adjusting gap plate is set with a gap slightly larger than the product size. Product pass through the gap to a chute (SS/SR type), lower spiral roller (SW/SRW type), or belt conveyor (SSWC/SRWC type) for discharge. Runners are carried to runner discharge port.
  • Multi-mechanism option uses defective signal from injection molding machine to send bad parts to the runner discharge port. Defective parts can be stored for inspection or sent directly to the Minicrusher for size reduction
  • The machine can be set-up to separate parts from runner or to sort different size products within a single "family mold".